5​-​way Split Roast

by Diascorium

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released May 23, 2011



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Diascorium Leeds

Leeds based technical death / black / extreme metal with hints of grind, doom & slam. Ex/current members of Reth, Narcosis, Morkret, A Forest Of Stars, Revokation & more.

First gig May 2010, since played with Origin, Leng tch'e, 1349, Keelhaul, Knut, The Ocean, Magrudergrind, Prostitute Disfigurement, Wodensthrone, Winterfylleth, Ingested, Man Must Die, Astrohenge, plus Damnation Festival 2010.
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Track Name: 01 - My Own Exegesis
Another burning symbol of retaliation crumbles into ash leading to absolutely no remorse. Re-enlightenment stirs inside, re-introduced to myself. My own thoughts, my actual identity, my thoughts, another torrid time of introspection is drawing to its close. I have fixed the problems I never knew I had.
Track Name: 02 - The Mechanics Of Serenity
My mind is an absolute hive of information but the filing system is damaged. Valuable memories have vanished. I always forget to remember the important lessons I've learnt until it's too late. A furious, unrelenting buzzing is taking place in my headspace. A sensation that makes it hard to take everything on board. I feel the noise getting louder, overshadowing all that I've learnt, overpowering all that I've learnt but I'll keep on learning, I'll keep on looking for answers... for this twitching self, for this twitching self, for myself, for myself, for myself, and hopefully one day you'll see me triumph at getting my head in order. It will be a majestic day. There will be a majestic day. It will be a majestic day. There will be a majestic day.
Track Name: 04 - ...reduction to the absurd
There is insomnia infecting me like hydrophobia. I froth with disease. All I want to do is sleep but all this constant gnawing at my brain is getting unbearable. Everywhere I look I'm hounded and my life is not my own. Reduced to nothing, embraced by the absurd. I perform an exorcism upon myself. Maybe it works, maybe it just makes things worse. Ask the doctor, ask the nurse, I doubt that I'll ever know for sure. I'll never know. I'm at a crossroads. I have to make a choice. Hindsight is my torturer.